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Our Philosophy

We embrace a philosophy that aims to enable our residents to live their lives in a safe, caring environment and to maintain their dignity, freedom and individuality. We continually strive to improve our quality of service.

We believe our residents should be given every encouragement to be as active and independent as possible and to enjoy their retirement years in warm and friendly surroundings. They can do this with the comforting knowledge that, in the event of ill health, our fully trained nursing staff are immediately at hand.

Our Objectives

  • To ensure staff are responsive to the individual needs of our residents and that they provide care to facilitate the highest possible quality of life within the Home.
  • To develop a care plan for each resident compiled with key areas of choice, rights, fulfillment, independence, privacy, dignity and security in mind.
  • To employ caring, responsive staff who will maintain the best possible quality of life for our residents.
  • To ensure that all members of staff will conduct themselves professionally and that they are supported, adequately trained and managed.
  • To foster an environment of openness and respect, in which residents, family, friends and staff feel valued and where each person’s views are dealt with in a professional manner.
  • To surpass our residents’ expectations by continually striving to improve our quality of service.


At Hestia Care, we take our duty to serve the elderly and to provide high-quality care very seriously. At a bare minimum, we aim to be comply with all relevant regulations.

In order to ensure our compliance, we have an independent care expert come and inspect each of our care homes monthly and advise us on how we are performing in relation to all the care standards we have to adhere to. We use this information to improve the service we provide.

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Staff Who Care

We are proud of our staff and confidently rely on them to deliver our objectives. More pertinently, they are the people who give the residents and their families the support, comfort and care they require and deserve.

Each member of staff is rigorously assessed prior to employment and our recruitment policies include detailed induction and training programmes.

During employment, their work is regularly supervised and appraised. Furthermore, staff members often take on further training to improve their understanding, experience and skills.

As a result, our highly trained employees are not only genuinely passionate about caring for our residents, but also qualified to ensure the residents have the best possible lifestyles at our care homes.

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Our Partners

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Residential care is for older people who are finding it increasingly difficult to manage at home and who may need help with personal care such as bathing and dressing, or additional help with meals. We will not only look after these personal needs but will also aim to maximise their social well-being and independence. They will benefit from a full programme of activities and an increased social network with compatible individuals.


We provide nursing care for older people who may be recovering from a health issue or who have ongoing health issues. We have qualified nursing staff in constant attendance 24 hours of the day. A thorough pre-admission assessment is completed by one of our qualified nurses to ensure that the homes are able to meet the individual’s needs. Nursing care is generally more expensive and higher fees will be payable than with a residential care home because of the qualified nursing staff on hand. The NHS does now make a contribution towards nursing care fees.


Dementia is an illness that is becoming more common in older people. There are many types of dementia. The most common are Alzheimer’s disease and vascular dementia. Dementia is progressive, which means the symptoms will gradually get worse. At Hestia, our staff have been trained to manage such conditions and the homes are designed to provide safe, calm environments in which our residents feel at home.


This is compassionate care for those who are suffering from a terminal, long-term or life-threatening illness, and the care is aimed towards improving their quality of life. Care focuses on the control of unpleasant symptoms such as pain or nausea for the individual, as well as support, help and advice for the carer, family and friends.


At Hestia Care, we have respite care available for individuals that require short-term care for between one to four weeks in order to allow a full-time carer to have a break or holiday; alternatively it can be used to build up strength after an illness. Respite care can also offer families the opportunity to familiarise themselves with the care home before making a permanent move.

Fees & Funding

Fees vary depending on the type of care, the level of dependency, type of accommodation and length of stay but in all cases will cover single or double rooms, full board and 24 hour nursing care. For more information, please see our FAQs.